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The Indian Ocean Islands include Mauritius, the Seychelles, the Comores, Madagascar, the Maldives and others.

Although it may seem a bit odd to be looking at these from a Southern African viewpoint, the dominant market place is South Africa, so package prices from Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban are usually very attractive.   They leave regularly from either Jo'Burg or from Durban, with non-stop direct flights and very reasonable package tours at top class accommodation.

Many visitors visit the Islands as the beach portion of a holiday that may include a safari or visit to the Cape, although Madagascar is more of a cultural and wild life destination than a beach holiday.
There are superb resorts on most of these Islands, which generally offer romantic holidays, with lots of diving and beach activities. Mauritius is the main player, with a strong agricultural and industrial base on top of its tourist trade, and all types of accommodation are offered in inclusive packages.

The Seychelles are still unspoiled, while Zanzibar, the Comores and the Maldives are superb diving destinations.

All in all, the sandy shores of the tropical Indian Ocean have a lot to offer the visitor as part of a Southern African e xtravaganza!

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