Masaai_warrior_carving_in_garden_CapetourismKenay has been independent from Britain since 1963, & it was for over two decades (the 1970's & 1980's) the most successful tourist destination in Africa, with its extensive wildlife and tropical beaches, and international package tours that fly direct into Mombasa.   In recent years, Southern Africa has taken a share of the Kenyan tourist market.   But, as of 1999, visitor numbers into Kenya have grown again as it still remains a major game viewing destination, and a most interesting country, as well as having a generally pleasant climate, and being closer to Europe than Southern Africa.

Half of the country is a high plateau, divided by the lush Rift Valley, while to the north the arid territory has yielded a wealth of information on the archaeological origins of Homo Sapiens.

ken2There are many different game reserves - Tsavo being one of the largest in the world, while there is a wide variety of habitats to be found at reserve areas in Lake Naivasha, Aberdare, Amboselli, Masai Mara, Lake Turkana and Samburu, amongst others.   The visitor can enjoy good fishing and excellent bird watching, as well as a number of excellent game lodges in superb natural settings - many of which have no fencing around the fully equipped tented safari camps, which makes the walk home from dinner very exciting!


As well as wildlife and stunning scenery, Kenya also offers extensive leisure facilities on the historic coastal areas of Mombasa, Malindi and South Coast - Diani Beach. Superb palm tree lined beaches with powder soft white sand, tropical ocean waters, old and new style hotels and full watersport activities make an excellent addition to a wild life trip to the interior.

Tropical_African_beach_hotel_building_CapetourismHolidays can include a combination of bush and beach, or perhaps an 8-day climb up Mount Kenya, or maybe some time on the historical island of Lamu on the north Kenya coast.


As a beach location for sun seekers escaping Northern winters, the Indian Ocean coast offers true tropical holidays throughout the year - with excellent prices in off peak season, and visitors to the country are sure of an unforgettable experience.