Welcome to our World in One Country! Your enjoyment and wellbeing are important to us and we want your visit to be very special, so that you leave with great memories and return many times.
Please take these precautions to ensure that your stay is as pleasant and safe as possible.



  • Store valuables in the hotel's safety deposit box, and do not leave your personal luggage unattended.
  • Keep your room locked, whether you are in or out.
  • If someone knocks, check who it is before opening.


  • Luggage storage service available for a fee during the day at the central
    Cape Town Train Station, will store large and small items, but not a 24-hour service.
  • Join the Automobile Association of South Africa who will send out rescue vehicles in the event of car breakdowns. Even for short visits this is useful in an emergency.
  • Carry a route map or street plan of the area at all times, and preferably hire a local tourist guide for excursions.
  • Before leaving your accommodation get detailed directions to your destination, it is better to explore in a group and then stick to well lit and busy streets.
  • Do not walk and window-shop in the city centre streets after dark - it is not part of our social culture and visitors are easy targets to criminals in these situations.
  • Police and traffic officers will help you with directions and emergencies.
  • Avoid lonely and uninhabited areas - especially after dark, and do not stop in remote places to picnic or take photos without being on your guard.
  • Keep your car doors locked at all times and wind the windows up.
  • Never pick up strangers - even if they offer to give you directions.
  • Do not display valuables while on the streets, and do not carry large sums of cash. Use Travelers cheques or Credit Cards where possible.
  • Lock articles in the boot of your vehicle when not needed - do not leave them visible in the car.
  • Use paid parking lots with security arrangements where possible.


  • Avoid travelling alone on the train and pay for a First Class ticket.
  • Be sure of your destination and the correct rail route and make sure the
    train you are about to catch goes all the way to your destination.
  • On the Cape Town / Simon's Town route many trains change at Salt River or stop at Retreat, you must wait there for another train to take you further. These are not safe areas to wait in. Check on departure times of the last trains at night. This is usually around 10.15 pm on all lines. Try to avoid traveling on
    trains after dark, unless while on the inter-city trains which have a good sleeper-compartment service.