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Restaurant open daily 09h00 - 17h00, booking are essential for large groups. Wonderful views from this National Monument, erected in memory of Cecil John Rhodes who bequeathed land for the establishment of UCT; Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden and the   Groote Schuur Estate, home of the South African head of state.   The Groote Schuur Estate Manor House art collection is open for booked tours only.   Kirstenbosch and the University of Cape Town are both open daily to visitors.

The restaurant at Rhodes Memorial has served generations of Cape Town folk, this is a favourite local haunt, but   they know that hiking on the slopes above can be risky (as well as hiking on Lions Head) some of the most "attack prone" areas.   Please be warned to not wander off on your own with cameras visible, this can make you a target for opportunistic crime in this area.   The Car Guards in the car park will keep an eye on your car but DO NOT leave valuables visible inside the car, use the boot to store anything of value.

Please see the Safety Tips section and the Hiking Safety Tips section for more information for walking safely either on the mountain or around a big city.

Rhodes Memorial Restaurant for table bookings - Ph & Fax: (021) 689 9151.
On the slopes of Table Mountain, above the University of Cape Town & Groote Schuur Estate, M3 freeway, Newlands.

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